Collection documentation 

Your collection means a lot to you. A catalogue lets you show people your entire collection, even when you don’t have space to display it fully. You can describe each piece fully to enhance others’ interpretation, or keep the memory fresh for you. You can send a copy to your insurance company. You can carry it around with you to show others, either on a smartphone or tablet, or as a hand sewn, hardcover book. You can share it with friends and family. You can impress friends, or use it to educate people and share your passion. You can also use it to remind yourself of what you’ve already got as you acquire more artifacts to reduce the number of unwanted duplicates.

At some point, you may want to downsize. Your catalogue is a permanent record you can keep beyond the life of your collection. It can also interpret your collection for your family so they can gain an appreciation for what you collected and why. It may even ignite a passion in them.

When it comes timPocket Watch - Peter Cramp-0297e to sell off part or all of your collection, the photographs are available for you to use on the web or through an auction. Quality photographs better demonstrate the condition of your artifacts and indicate the care you take with them. This often results in greater interest from other collectors and consequently better value for you.

I can photograph every item in your collection, either with a standard single view, or from every angle. I can work with you to write the descriptions and interpretations of your pieces. The catalogue can take the form of a database, an ebook, a bound book, or any combination of these. I can even create wall art if that’s your preference.


I can work with you to add commentary to your photographs, arrange them into a book form and produce a book for your family and friends, or we can work out publishing rights. If you are a museum or club, I can work with you and your staff to produce a museum guide or fund-raising history book.

Album Copying

I can photograph every page of an existing photo album for you and produce copies for your family and friends. These make excellent keep sakes and allow you to distribute memories among your family. A significant problem with old albums is that only one member of your family can keep it, and if a disaster of any sort occurs (fire, flood, tornado) the album is lost forever. A reproduction can achieve the redundancy your need, and can even be augmented with the stories of your family’s past.

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